Wednesday, June 20, 2007

English: Harbour MiniGUI 2.0.029 Published:

- Updated: HBOLE (Harbour contribution library) to the new (alternate) version. This new version is required by ADORDD to work properly (not working in 2.0.027 and 2.0.028 with 'old' Harbour HBOLE).

Be aware that this new version IS NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE with prior HBOLE implementation, so existing code using OLE could generate errors or not work at all. Existing OLE code could be adapted easily. The sample: '\hmg\samples\ole' has been updated to work with this new library. The required changes are minimal.

If you prefer to use old HBOLE, this is still included in the HMG distribution as
'\hmg\harbour\lib\libhboleold.a', but remember that linking this library instead the new, ADORDD will not work.

If you are wondering why can't the two libraries be linked together, the reason is that they use the same names (some) for classes methods and functions, creating conflicts.

I hope that Harbour contributors can (sometime in the future) integrate both libraries to get backwards compatibility and adequate support for ADORDD.

Updated OLE samples: \hmg\samples\OLE
ADORDD samples: \hmg\samples\adordd-1 (access sample)
\hmg\samples\adordd-2 (mysql sample)